September 29 & 30, 2018 - 10am-6pm, Palmetto Ave. in Pacifica

Fog Fest Weekend Information:

The Fog Fest Organizing Group, (FFOG), is gearing up for the community’s most anticipated event of the year. Set your calendars for September 23 and 24, 10am to 6pm and get ready for some fun.

To prepare, the FFOG wants to make sure your weekend is safe and enjoyable. Here is some important information and we hope you will share with others:

Parking: In addition to preferred parking at the north and south ends of Palmetto Ave. and the free street-parking surrounding the festival area, there will be additional parking available at Oceana High School. Please enter at the pool parking lot on Paloma Ave. near Oceana Blvd and look for the signs. Parking is $8 at the north & south ends of Palmetto and $6 at Oceana High School. Handicap parking is available in all 3 lots. Police will be enforcing any prohibited parking. Samtrans will reroute buses to Francisco Blvd., please plan your bus trip accordingly. Free bicycle parking will be located at the south end of Palmetto, located on the side of the old utility building.

IMPORTANT STREET CLOSURES: Beginning Friday, September 23 at 4pm, Palmetto Ave. will be closed from Montecito to Shoreview Avenues. Residents living in the area may travel east/west that during Friday evening, but come early Saturday morning east/west travels will seize. NEW- Attention Sharp Park Residents: Due to the Palmetto Ave. renovations, residents living west of Palmetto Ave. will now ENTER  via Montecito Ave and EXIT the area via Clarendon Ave., (Clarendon will no longer be an enter/exit point). Beach Blvd, will be open to 2-way traffic festival weekend. Streets will reopen at approximately 9pm Sunday night. We’d like to thank the Sharp Park residents for their graciousness and patience during Fog Fest weekend. 

Pets: Warm weather and a crowd of thousands does not make a safe place for your pets. Please be kind to your pets and leave them at home. Leashing dogs, at ground level through hundreds of people is stressful and harmful to your pets. Please, for the safety of your pet, and others, we kindly ask you to leave your pets at home. Security, police and block captains will be enforcing this. Thank you for your cooperation.

More: ATM machines will be available all along the festival route, look for the flags. Block Captains will be in bright orange vests to assist festivalgoers. The FFOG Command Post will be located in the south building of the Pacifica Resource Center for volunteers to check in. Police, First Aid & Lost & Found will be located at the corner Salada and Palmetto Avenues. Recology of the Coast recycling bins will be located at designated intersections; please recycle. Look for our Festival Programs packed with information. These will be available at all beer/wine booths, our souvenir booth and parking lot entrances.

Reminders: In addition to leaving your pets at home, please, no smoking, skateboards and bicycles on the active festival grounds for the safety of you and others. Most important, designate a driver, use Uber, Lyft a taxi or SamTrans. Please be responsible. Police & security will be enforcing these items.


From the Fog Fest Organizing Group we wish you all a fun and enjoyable weekend. Please #hashtag us on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. For questions please call, 650-355-8200 or email,



Celebrating 33 Years September 29 & 30, 2018

10am - 6pm on Palmetto Ave. in Pacifica.
Admission is Free!

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