September 23-24, 10am-6pm, Palmetto Avenue in Pacifica

Center Stage: Corner of Santa Maria and Palmetto Avenues

Saturday, Sept 24, 2016

Sunday, Sept 25, 2016

11:30 am Cabrillo Elementary Bluegrass Band Bluegrass
12:45 pm Curt Yagi Acoustic Rock, Ska, island
2:30 pm Dave Crimmen Oldies, Rock n' Roll
4:15 pm The Up & Down Band Bluegrass, Country, Irish, Rock n' Roll

Bands and Performances

Hapa Mahina Hula Saturday 11:15 am

Hapa Mahina Hula is an amazing troupe of dancers who perform traditional and modern a’uana-style hula and love to share their aloha.  Led by director Dominique Del Chiaro, they are all ‘locals’ who live and perform on the coast.


Lou Evans Band Saturday 12:45 pm

Lou Evans writes, composes and performs soulful, soaring, beautiful/tragic music with elements of darkness and light. His songs are emotional compelling and vocally driven. He played professional baseball in the Miami Marlins Minor League system from 2001-2005. In 2005, he decided to pursue his burgeoning music career. An American Idol Season 4 contestant, Lou has constantly been performing and writing new music. The past few years he has been given some great opportunities to shine by singing the National Anthem at a San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors games. A powerful, soulful vocalist and passionate songwriter, his momentum is soaring. Keep your eyes and ears open for this rising talent!

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Lou Evans Band

Salt People Saturday 2:30 pm

 Salt People is a musical collective continuing the works of Kaylah Marin and Kevin North a partnership from the first incarnation of “The Riots” through “TribeCa” and “Tasha Kame” . this latest movement incorporates the brilliance of Val Serrant on Percussion and Henry Mobley on bass . Often described at Roots Soul Music the main objective is to Sing and Dance .

Roots, Soul, Rock, Folk, Blues, Rhythms from the African Diaspora

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Salt People

L&K Saturday 4:15 pm

L&K is an original Electric Folk collaboration created by Leah Walters and Konane Sky.  The duo began with a unified resolve – remain as authentic as possible by not conforming to any finalized box of musical genre.

With influences ranging from Classical to Gritty Rock, L&K masterfully weaves the extremes of sophistication with raw emotion to create a complex tapestry of sound.
Often compared to the free sound of 60’s Counter Culture, L&K’s unique and haunting sound evokes a beautiful yet dirty spirit all their own.

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Cabrillo Elementary Bluegrass Band Sunday 11:30 am

This talented string band made up of 12 3rd and 4th graders from Cabrillo are excited to play some Bluegrass at the Fog Fest. Led by Jared Katz which teaches music at Cabrillo Elementary. 

Cabrillo Bluegrass

Curt Yagi Sunday 12:45 pm

San Francisco based singer songwriter Curt Yagi has been on a tear through the Bay Area music scene. The 2008 Best of the Bay Singer Songwriter (SF Bay Guardian) and RAW San Francisco Musician of the Year had his song “Sweep Me” included on the very popular KFOG Local Scene 8 CD in the Bay Area. Curt and his full band, The People Standing Behind Me, are always-engaging to the crowd and bring a blend of upbeat acoustic rock with hints of reggae and ska for an island-inspired sound.

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Dave Crimmen Sunday 2:30 pm

According to Dave’s older sisters, he has been playing music this since he was just six months old! Inspired by the legends – Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Chuck Berry – Dave set out to emulate the feel good, rock out vibes that make hips shake and heads bop. Dave loves his music. He writes his music for the girls, the fans, and the fellow lovers of classic rock. 

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The Up & Down Band Sunday 4:15 pm

Traditional American music played aggressively. Roughed up Bluegrass, Outlaw Country, Rock and Roll, Irish Drinking Songs. We started as loud rock/punk three piece in 2005. Added a banjo in 2008 and started doing a few country songs and got down to two drums with a standing drummer. Added a Mandolin in 2012 and started playing Irish Drinking songs. Fiddle came next and we are now a full six pack.

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Celebrating 32 Years September 23-24

10am - 6pm on Palmetto Avenue in Pacifica.
Admission is Free!

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